Mom & Dad

Still going crazy ... even with the newest edition!

So, the last 22 months have been crazy for us. We moved in with Shawn's mom till our house sold. Hold the didn't sell for 20 months! How did we manage, you ask? Taking each day one day at a time. We had our good days and we had our bad days, but we all are still talking even after we moved out. Shannon is really happy that she can walk through her apartment now without having to worry about stepping on any toys left laying around. Patty is happy to have all her pretties back out and no toys randomly laying around her house. Most of all, Patty is happy that she doesn't have the crazy shedding dog, Remi, leaving her clumps of dog hair laying around. As for Shawn and Christine, well we are just happy to be back living under our own roof. We love Patty and Shannon to pieces, but having our own belongings and stuff is quite nice!

Where do we live now? Well, McMurray, PA! It is a lovely place. Plus, we are only 20 minutes away from Patty and Shannon. Grammie gets to see her grandkids whenever and the grandkids get to see their grammie whenever. It truly is a win win situation. Shawn is working on the North Shore in Pittsburgh. He has found a short cut to the highway; thanks to his lovely wife looking on Christine is still working from home. Don't be jealous! It is not as easy as it seems. Nevertheless, we do not have to put the kids in daycare and my job leaves me very flexible.

Remington...the chocolate lab (May 5, 2004). Well, lets just say that she has quickly learned how to stay in her yard due to the invisible fence. She has gotten shocked a couple of times, but has learned very quickly. Remi and Emily are very much the same. It is funny. The one antagonizes the other and vice versa.

Well, enough for now. Got to run and get our kindergardener from class. Will be updating again soon.

(Updated Auguest 29, 2008)