Welcome to the updated crazy-baby.com.

It is 2010! Can you believe it? I wanted to do a better job of journaling our life so that our kids have things to look back on but so far I am not doing a good job.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It has only been 10 days since the last post but so much has happened since then. On Monday after the storm, Eric came down with a stomach virus. That was awful because the little guy wasn't able to keep anything down for about 13 hours. Then he was good. Tuesday, one week ago, I got my stitches out. Things are still healing but looking better every day. Wednesday evening, I came down with Eric's stomach virus. However, I ended up getting it both ways and a lot worse. I was incapacitated for a good 48 hours and very exhausted.

Saturday, all the kids went to Grammie's for a sleep over. This was Dylan's first sleep over at Grammie's. He was quite confused about everything but everyone managed. This meant that Shawn and I could have an evening to ourselves. We went to dinner and didn't have to worry about Dylan reaching for hot food...Eric or Emily complaining that they were hungry or anything. It was weird and nice all at the same time. We then went to go see a neighbor friend of ours play in a band. The band was loud and really good, but not the type of music we listen too. We were home by 11pm. The best part of everything was that we got a chance to sleep in on Valentine's Day! That was the best present ever! We slept in till noon. It was great to get sleep, but we missed our munchkins. Grammie even made dinner for us and it was just an all around excellent day!

Monday, Eric went back to school; this was a snow make-up day. Emily didn't have school because of President's Day. We did a lot of running around. Needed a few essential items because Shawn had been doing all the grocery shopping. He's great at picking up my slack when I am unable.

Last night, unfortunately, Eric started throwing up around 3am. At this point all I was saying was "SERIOUSLY!!!" He couldn't make it to the bathroom in time so the carpets got nasty! He yaked everything up and then we laid in his bed and he just crashed. The downside to everything was that Dylan ended up waking up with all the noise. Thankfully there are two parents, so Shawn took care of Dylan while I assisted Eric and did some carpet cleaning. Around 4ish, everyone got back to bed and there comes Emily out of her room. She was just thirsty or as Emily would say "sirsty". Eric crashed and finally everyone else did too.

So, on this snowy Tuesday Eric was on a 2 hour delay (not that he was going to go; even though he wanted too) and then around 9am, school was cancelled. Once again can I just say "SERIOUSLY!!!" The snow is dumping on us yet again. Emily now doesn't have school either. Let me just say that it sucks to pay for preschool! When school gets cancelled preschool doesn't make up the days. That money just flys out the window.

Anyways, keep fingers crossed that no one else starts puking anytime soon! We have had enough in this house. I just want to open windows and let the germs escape. There is only so much Lysol one can use and do to keep them at bay.

Stay safe on these snowy days!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Wonderland

What a wild and crazy weather day! Weather preditors were predicting only 7 to 10 inches of snow. This morning we woke up to 20 inches of snow. Yes, 20 inches no lie! Still snowing too!

Shawn wanted to snowblow our driveway last night but I convinced him to do it tomorrow. Well, now he is wishing he did snowblow last night. There is so much snow that he doesn't know how to tackle it. The snow is higher then what the snowblower is made to handle. It looks beautiful don't get me wrong. I am just thankful it happened on a weekend and not during the week. Shawn also was lucky enough to be released from work early too. It was nice having him home early.

The kids are itching to go out and pla yin the snow. But we told them that Daddy has to find the driveway first before they can go outside. This is perfect snow for snow forts, snowball fights and snowman! Once Dylan goes down for a nap I think the rest of us will go out and play!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Today, Dylan is going to the Doctors to get his 18 month checkup. Any guesses on how big he is growing? Well, here are the facts: 34 pounds 10 ounces and 36 inches long. To give you perspective because his pediatrician gives it to me, he is the average height for a 30 month old; average wight for a 3.5 year old and a head circumfrence for a 4 year old. He is huge! Heavy to carry around too.

Dylan is curious about everything. He currently likes getting into the corner cabinet and unscrewing the lids to my spices. So far this week I have lost a bottle of oregano and Italian bread crumbs to him. He also likes to play with anything electronic - especially my laptop. Any suggestions on how to keep him off of it? He got a Mickey laptop for Christmas so that one doesn't work. He loves his Mickey laptop but he knows it's not what mommy has. Email me if you have any suggestions. He can reach it off my desk and turn it off and on. Funny but aggrevating!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What a crazy day! This evening I was putting dishes awat from the dishwasher. Dylan, like usual, was right there trying to help out. However, in the process of him helping out, I accidentally nicked the granite countertop with one of my Lenox bowls and smash. The bowl broke into pieces and I attempted to catch it. Smart right? Yes only because Dylan was standing there and I didn't want him to get struck by it; so I tried to catch it. In the process of trying to catch the bowl, I ended up getting sliced on my left pinkie finger and right middle finger. So what do I do? Calmly, I get Emily to get a band-aid out of my wallet to put over my right middle finger. It was a clean horizontal cut. Then I get a paper towel and wrap my left pinky finger. I then get the Swivel sweeper (love this thing) and clean up all the chips from the bowl off the floor. After all the porcelin was dealt with, I called Shawn. Shawn was on his way home, but I didn't know exactly where he was. I calmly told him I sliced my fingers and believed I needed stitches and wanted to know how long he would be till he got home. Luckily, he was only two bends away and home very quickly!

For those who don't know this, even I didn't realize it till this day, Shawn doesn't like to see human blood. Yet, he can gut any other animal that he shoots but is grossed out by human blood. Weird don't you think?

Anyways, we got the kids loaded into the car and we went to Urgent Care to get me all fixed up. Two stitches in my right middle finger and seven stitches in my left pinky finger. They were worried I severed my digital nerve in my pinky, so on Thursday I went and saw two other doctors. It ended up being that they are not 100% sure if I did or didn't. The hand specialist believed that the lack of movement with my pinky finger (I had a splint on) was causing my finger to go numb.

So with two fingers bandaged up, I get light duty till Monday when Shawn has to go back to work. Hopefully, I can manage. I bet I'll be ok.