Welcome to the updated crazy-baby.com.

So it has been over a year since I last updated this site. Life is absolutely crazy with three little monkeys. I am going to try and be a little bit more pro-active on getting updates out. If anything for a historical reminder of things. Please keep an eye on the site and let me know what you think.

November 24, 2009

What a rough night to say the least. Eric woke up vomiting at 1:45AM! All over the floor, his bed and him. Patty had told me to keep an eye out for a stomach virus that was going around and I was really hoping we weren't going to get it. So after getting Eric cleaned up and emptied and tossed into our bed, I proceeded to work on clean-up and disinfect. I sprayed our whole entire house down with Lysol because i really don't want Emily and Eric coming down with this. Then climbed back in bed around 3:30AM. Then at 5AM Eric runs to the bathroom and the diahrea starts. So by now, 9:30am, I am exhausted and Eric hasn't had any issues since this morning. He also has only had a popsicle, so we are doing good. Emily has her Thanksgiving Party and Program at preschool and Shawn will be coming home before she needs to get to school.

Need less to say, I am exhausted, fighting a cold and have lots of things I should be doing. Life goes on, right?

November 23, 2009

Today Eric has a friend, Ian, over for a play date. The two of them have been trying to figure out a time to get together but it has been difficult. Ian is one of four with an older brother and two younger sisters. Ian and Eric both love playing with Lego's. I love it when there are play-dates here because I like to know what is going on. Eric always plays nicely with anyone. However, it is usually hard to keep Emily away from them so that they can have good boy time. Emily enjoy's chaning her clothes if anyone comes over and wants to tell them everything and anything. On the way back to our house from the bus stop, Emily told Ian, "Did you know we have a backyard?" I just wanted to bust out laughing. Emily couldn't thing up of anything more informative then that. Wow! The woman that always has something to talk about. She then went on to tell Ian about all of her Hello Kitty's. It is cute. Don't worry, tomorrow Emily will be having a play date with her friend Sammi from school; not to be confused with cousin Sammi.