Eric Stephen Smith

6 Years Old

Eric is a Lego MANIAC! If you think I am getting carried away, then you really don't know Eric. For Christmas, all he wants is Lego's, Lego's and more Lego's. This boy has a ton of Lego's! He wakes up and plays with Lego's before school. He comes home from school and play's with Lego's. He takes his Lego magazine to school and reads it on the bus. It is amazing how much Lego one person needs.

Every Wednesday, Eric also is taking skating lessons. Shawn is determined to get Eric playing hockey. I am not looking forward to having to buy all that hockey gear. So we will see how this one will unfold. Eric really wants to do soccer, but we have a rule...One sport at a time. It takes time to learn how to skate. So we have promised him that he will be able to do a summer soccer camp. So he is happy with that for now.

As far as school...he is adjusting very well. We knew he was a smart cookie, but he is finally applying himself and we are very proud of him. He can even read simple sentences now! I am amazed by the amount of homework a first grader is required to do. Once again we will survive and life will move on.

(Updated November 23, 2009)