Eric Stephen Smith

Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of First Grade

Eric's first day was exciting. He gets to ride the bus to and from school; which he is very excited. He started riding the bus home towards the end of kindergarten and he thought he was big stuff. He gets to pack his lunch if he wants or buy school food. He gets on the bus at 8:35am and comes home at 3:55pm. It is a very long day for him.

His teacher is Ms. Carmichael and a very nice lady. His subjects include Math, Reading, Writing, Spanish, Art, Music, Gym, Spelling and I am sure more but that is all that I am unaware of. There are 24 kids in Eric's class. A few of the kids in his class were in his class last year, but a fair amount of them were not. His buddy Ian (whom lives a few doors down from us) is still in his class. The two of them love to play lego's together.

If you look closely at the picture, Eric is wearing a Star Wars Lego watch too. He was told to bring something to school to show to others students about who he is. Lego watch was the perfect thing for him to take in.

Eric likes to be the first one in line for the school bus or at least in the front of the line. There are around 17 kids in total that get on the bus at his bus stop. Eric's bus stop is also the first stop for the bus driver on pick up and the last stop on drop-off.

UPDATE - January 2010

Eric is doing great in First Grade. He is getting M's and P's. M's stand for mastering and P's stand for Passing. Also, there is a N, which stands for Needs improvement. However he doesn't have any of those.

He loves Math the best, but he also is starting to enjoy reading. I can't believe our little man is reading already. He has lots of friends and is always eager to go play than to do homework.