Eric Stephen Smith

March 1, 2003

8lbs 5oz - 19.5 inches

Eric is finally here! It is amazing. I didn't get much sleep last night. Got up way early in the morning. I thought I was in labor but wasn't sure. I had an enormous pain in my lower back. After taking a bath and not having it go away, I finally called the doctor and she suggested we go in. You see we were living in Fairlawn, Ohio and delivering Eric in Wooster, Ohio; an hour's drive away. I, myself, was born in Wooster, Ohio. I knew the hospital; saw my neice get born in that hospital and was comfortable with it. Seeing that this was the first pregnancy for me, I wanted to go with what I knew and was comfortable with.

So we got to the hospital around 2pm on that Saturday. The OB informed me that I was having back labor. She suggested to start me on some petosin to get things moving along. There were a few other ladies in there. One had been in there since the morning and wasn't even close to having her child. Once the pains got more intense, I decided to have an epidural. Honestly, it didn't help much because I was still feeling what was going on. I will have to say that it probably helped a little. Nevertheless, by 7:26pm our new little man was here. I was the first lady that day to finally deliver. After I delievered, the other woman (whom had been there a lot longer than me) were delivering shortly after I did.

A lot of people say that the pains from delivery magically disappear after you see your new baby, and boy are they right. I didn't think much of it at all. My sister, Heather, wanted to be there for the delivery, but she was working and didn't make it to shortly after I had Eric. However, she did bring me some Burger King so it was all good because I was starving. Shawn's mom and sister were staying at a near by hotel for the few nights that we were in the hospital. Wooster Hospital was a fabulous hospital to give birth in! The nurses were all very helpful; maybe it was because we were first time parents, but they were great!

By Monday evening on the 3rd, we were finally able to go home. Shawn did the driving and I sat in back with our new precious bundle of joy. We had 1 hour to get home and 1 hour before he needed to be nursed again. Let me tell you that was a very long drive after being stuck in a hospital with very little of my own stuff. Shawn's mom stayed with us for the first week. That was great! I was able to rest when I felt I needed too and she was able to help out with cooking and general stuff. Shannon enjoyed seeing her newest nephew for so many days. But then they left and it was just up to Shawn and I. We had one week to figure things out before he went back to work. Let me tell you, I was worried when he went back to work. How was I going to be able to do it all on my own. Looking back, I am not sure but we all survive.